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Since 1974

Longevity, commitment and a track record of achievement, Cavan Companies has spent decades shaping the landscape of the Southwest. Applying years of solid experience with an understanding of market demands, Cavan has developed thousands of square feet of commercial, retail, and multi-family space.  

Premier Projects

With more than three million square feet of commercial office buildings plus multi-family and retail space, Cavan Companies has a 40-year track record of success, investor service, and quality properties.

Current Projects

Current development projects include innovative multi-family communities that bring single-family home amenities to the rental market.  These Bungalow communities provide residents with all the conveniences, privacy, and features of a home but without the hassle.   The detached, ground floor units have 10-foot ceilings,  backyards, and a flood of natural light.   

Upcoming Projects

Cavan Companies is currently in the pre-development and construction phase for several new Bungalow multi-family projects in Arizona with 150-250 rental units per property. On target to develop 8 or more properties per year, Cavan is a leader in the unique and extremely popular Bungalow-style market.   



About Cavan Companies

Founded in 1974 by Dave Cavan, Cavan Companies has distinguished itself over the past four decades as a premier development company. With more than three million square feet of commercial, office and retail space, and multi-family construction valued in excess of $1 billion, Cavan Companies has invested, built, and developed a variety of real estate properties from land development to office complexes to unique multi-family residential living spaces.

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