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About Cavan Companies

[About Cavan Companies

Shaping the Landscape and Lives

Cavan Companies has spent decades shaping the landscape and the lives of the people of the Southwest. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cavan Companies provides real estate development investment opportunities that are normally available only to institutional investors.

Founded in 1974 by Dave Cavan, Cavan Companies has distinguished itself over the past four decades as a premier development company. With more than three million square feet of commercial office buildings, retail space, and multi-family rental properties, Cavan Companies has invested, built, and developed a variety of real estate properties from land development to large office complexes. 

About the Founder – Dave Cavan

Transforming Vision into Value

Dave Cavan is the Chairman of Cavan Companies since its start in 1974. With a lifetime of developing and managing real estate projects, Dave has been inspiring people to his vision of the southwest, to what working can be like and to what living can be like. He has developed well over three million square feet of commercial office buildings plus, multi-family developments and retail space. This along with numerous raw land improvement in multiple states.

Meet the Cavan Companies Team

Dedication, Experience and More


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