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David Cavan, Chairman, Cavan Companies

David Cavan, Cavan Companies

David Cavan, Chairman

Cavan Companies

1976 – Present (40 years) Scottsdale, Arizona

David V. Cavan is the Chairman of Cavan Companies. David Cavan has more than 40 years of experience in real estate management, development, investments, and brokerage. He has developed more than three million square feet of commercial office and retail space, along with numerous subdivisions in multiple states, with a total project value more than a billion dollars.

David Cavan has built a team of professionals that make up Cavan Companies. By drawing on years of experience in real estate acquisition, development, investment, and financial markets, Cavan Companies’ team is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the values of real property in any market condition.


Meet David V. Cavan, Chairman of Scottsdale-based commercial real estate powerhouse, Cavan Companies. For over 40 years, David Cavan has been a noted power player and expert in the real estate management, development, investments, and brokerage spaces. Mr. Cavan has developed more than three million square feet of commercial office and retail spaces.  He’s also a pioneer in the development of residential subdivisions in multiple states. To date, Cavan’s projects have generated over a billion dollars in value.

Cavan presides over his real estate empire from his Scottsdale-based offices. David’s growing company is comprised of experts in the real estate acquisition, development, investment spaces, as well as possessing deep experience in the financial markets.

David Cavan and his team are dedicated to preserving and enhancing property values and under any market conditions.

David Cavan took time recently to answer important questions discussing the trends and challenges in the commercial real estate market.

Are you cautious of overbuilding in the industry?

The industry is always in some phase of the real estate cycle.  With the number of apartments that have been built in the last three years and currently on the drawing board, there is a real potential for being overbuilt.  However, the game has changed and now renting has become a much more acceptable lifestyle for millennials, young families with children, and the senior demographic.

What do markets you believe may soon be overbuilt?

The majority of new apartment construction has been located within the inner core of most cities with less new construction activity in the suburbs.

What markets still look favorable for development?

Suburban markets that are located close to employment, shopping, medical, and freeway access are more favorable for development.

What will you be developing in these markets in 2016? (unit size, style, amenities, etc.)

We will be developing our new multi-family product, The Bungalows.  The Bungalows are single- story rental homes in a gated, master-planned community which meet the demand of renters who desire the privacy of a single family home with fenced back yards rather than a multi-story apartment complexThe Bungalows  combines the flexibility of renting with the neighborhood atmosphere of a single family home.