“Cavan brings people and solutions together in the world of real estate investments and creates value for partners and communities; we team with people and companies who share common values of integrity and honesty.”

Dave Cavan 

For over 45 years, Cavan Companies has been
a leading innovator in real estate development from commercial buildings to Bungalows™.

Cavan has built and sold projects throughout the Southwest with a market value of over $1 billion including more than three million square feet of commercial office space. We develop a wide range of real estate investment opportunities in order to meet the needs of project specific investment partners. Investment vehicles include land developments, master-planned communities, office buildings, mixed-use retail developments, and multifamily.

Adhering to our mission statement of “bringing people and solutions together,” Cavan Companies has established itself as a company that brings innovation, excellence, and experienced management to real estate development.   Recognizing changing economic climates and utilizing extensive market research, we have  become a leader in identifying key opportunities and trends and turning them into viable, solid projects.