The Cavan Companies team combines both operational and strategic expertise. By drawing on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of real estate acquisition, development, investment, and financial markets, Cavan Companies’ management team is dedicated to providing innovative excellence, solid project management, and strong investor returns!

Dave Cavan, Owner/Chairman

Dave Cavan, Chairman and owner of CAVAN COMPANIES, is an experienced veteran of creating successful real estate projects for the Scottsdale, Arizona firm.

Committed to leading by his core values of excellence, integrity, and dedication, Dave has been the visionary trailblazer for his trend-setting team since 1973. From the beginning, Dave has sought to express gratitude not only to the hundreds of investors that provided the resources to deliver successful projects, but also to the employees, vendors, and partners that dedicated their careers to providing high-quality and exceptional service that shaped the company’s positive culture which thrives today.

CAVAN COMPANIES has been privileged to develop numerous projects.  The company’s portfolio includes multiple commercial office buildings, shopping centers, land developments, and the development of premier Tom Weiskopf golf course project and villas, Seven Canyons, located in Sedona, AZ.

Dave has strong instincts and vision when it comes to site selection, quality building design, and project execution. Despite being hit hard by two recessions that severely impacted so many in the real estate market, Dave has had the faith, determination, and experience to pioneer and identify new viable opportunities for investors.

Foreseeing the social economic shift in housing, Dave established and developed the successful BUNGALOW concept, an innovative product that provides a unique lifestyle benefit in rental home communities. Featuring detached, stand-alone rental homes with a backyard in a secure gated community, the Bungalow projects have been extremely popular with tenants and profitable for Cavan’s investors.

Living out his core values and faith have impacted not just Dave’s professional and personal life but also those around him.  Dave and Karen, his wife of over 50 years, have invested in instilling these values in their 4 children and 8 grandchildren, and also in his team.

Dave and Karen have delighted in having opportunities to give and be involved in local, national, and international organizations that serve, support, and give generously to improve the lives of others.  From the philanthropic work of helping organizations build hospitals, schools and housing in Calcutta, India, to organizations that serve business leaders, to launching Marketplace Bible Study, to membership in the CEO Forum, Dave and Karen have blessed many others and impacted countless lives for the better.

Gary Burton, CEO

Gary Burton is the Chief Executive Officer of Cavan Companies, a role in which he brings over 35 years of experience and expertise in sourcing debt and equity for new projects and management of business operations. He is a lead contact for established capital relationships, manages financial reporting and activity, as well as providing oversight of the acquisition, development and construction of new projects.  Focused on delivering optimal returns to Cavan investors, Gary observes, “This business is constantly changing, requiring creativity and resourcefulness to get things done. We have to keep our heads up, adapting and looking to the future.” Before joining Cavan Companies in 2003, he had decades of experience in corporate finance, equity capital and business development for private and public companies. He has successfully directed private equity and corporate transactions for start-up, mid-stage, and stable organizations. Mr. Burton has senior management experience in the hospitality and software development industries, previously worked in private law practice, and served as corporate counsel for Ramada Hotels. Gary is a graduate of Arizona State University and earned his law degree from Creighton University.

Douglas Napier, President

Douglas Napier has 30 years of achievements in project development, operational optimization, finance, international operations, law, and organizational growth in for-profit and non-profit industries. His involvement in real estate development projects and venture capital investments contributes to the Cavan Companies’ commitment to excellence, integrity, and effectiveness. As a team builder, Napier maximizes the talents and capacities of a strong and talented team to give a competitive edge to the Cavan Companies’ projects. Doug is a graduate of the University of Iowa School of Business (BBA, Finance), Dallas Theological Seminary (MABS), and the University of Iowa School of Law (With Distinction).

Allison Macaulay, Director of Project Advancement

Allison Macaulay is Director of Project Advancement at Cavan Companies and works closely with the leadership team to identify performance and process improvement opportunities within the company for the execution of Cavan’s short- and long-term strategic plans. With her strong interpersonal skills and team player attitude, Allison is responsible for coordinating with team members and consultants to enhance Cavan’s project management flow. During Allison’s long-standing tenure at Cavan Companies since 2001, she has played vital roles in land entitlements, marketing, and investor relations. Allison’s diverse experience positions her to bring the complex elements of each project into a well-organized process for on-time, on-budget completion. Allison is the youngest graduate of the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Jon Hamel, Construction Management

Jon Hamel serves as Construction Manager and oversees the development and construction of all Cavan Companies’ active projects including developing project budgets and pro formas, construction supervision, quality control, and asset management. Jon was drawn to Cavan Companies because it’s a “company that cares”. As an intern for Cavan Companies during college, it was the “family culture and mission of the company that led to his return in 2008, where he managed the companies’ commercial assets inside the portfolio, including financials and day-to-day operations. Active in the real estate industry since 2001, Jon has managed diverse construction portfolios including multifamily, office, medical, retail, and industrial properties. He has experience in the acquisition and disposition of commercial property and vacant land. Jon Hamel, is a Certified Property Manager and a Designated Broker in the state of Arizona. Jon earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.

Marcia Barker, Executive Assistant, Investor Relations

Marcia Barker joined Cavan in 2003 as the Executive Assistant to Dave Cavan, and is also honored to serve in the roles of Investor Relations liaison and office manager. She works closely with Dave Cavan to maintain an office and company that is organized, efficient, and lean. As the first point-of-contact for Cavan Companies’ investors, she collaborates with the leadership team to provide project updates, communicate financial reports, and answer investor questions. With over 30 years of experience as an Executive Assistant in the areas of real estate development, financial planning and life insurance, and a background in the Hospitality industry, Marcia sets the standard of excellence for the service that Cavan Companies partners and investors receive. Marcia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York.